Art to Heart

The yellow brick road to healing and connection

1:1 art healing sessions are designed to provide a space to breathe and connect with yourself. It is uninterrupted time for you – time to exhale and release all that is troubling you in a safe space, free from judgement. By focusing on creating art whilst talking, we allow communication to open up and flow more freely, eliminating the feeling of eyes upon you and the weighted expectation of having to speak.

In the sessions you are invited to talk as little or as much as you like, with my role being to offer open-hearted listening and gentle guidance. I will never tell you what to do as I believe your answers are within you. My intention is to merely guide you towards what you already know.

Unlike a conventional counsellor or therapist, I will often share my own experiences of similar situations and issues I’ve worked through, as it is through storytelling and shared experiences that we see ourselves. When someone else says ‘me too’, we are gifted an enormous sense of belonging and identification, both of which are an integral part of the healing process.

I may also suggest books to read, meditations to check out, and written exercises to practise, all of which are mere suggestions and never instructional.

What it’s not

This is not art therapy. I am not a therapist. In no way do I claim my sessions will ‘fix’ you. (Are we in need of ‘fixing’ anyway?) This is not designed to be a replacement for professional help or a solution for deep rooted trauma, but would be a nourishing accompaniment to these treatments.

What to bring

Just yourself! I provide all the art equipment and tools. 


Olivia has helped me crawl out of the darkest point of my life towards a brighter future. She was able to reach me when others tried and failed because of her warmth, honesty and courage. She has helped me to see the world from an entirely different perspective. Life is more colourful because of her. Niki, Leicester

Olivia is such an open, honest and caring person. She helped me to improve my mindset to a new, better level. She has a power of helping people. Thanks to her I have overcome many of my weaknesses and made positive changes in my way of thinking of situations and other people. Ania, Leicester