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Welcome to the newest tier of my Patreon.

 The Journal Circle – is a magical, empowering journaling-based sisterhood circle.

  • Discover the magic of guided journal prompts
  • Unlock your own inner power
  • Connect deeply with yourself
  • Experience the support of a loving community with like-minded individuals

Each month centres around a spiritual theme eg. releasing, self-love, boundaries.

The theme is then experienced and explored with journal prompts, a playlist and a full moon circle. 


Every month you will receive

  • Daily journal prompts
  • A monthly playlist
  • Membership to the monthly full moon circle


journal prompts

You will receive daily journal prompts , released every Sunday for the coming week, lovingly crafted around the monthly theme.

Why use prompts? Why not just use free association writing, or just write about your feelings?

Whilst it is hugely important to explore and honour our shadow and our darkest thoughts, it is also equally important to access our light. Sometimes this is difficult to do on our own or unguided, so journal prompts will lovingly, gently guide you back to your true self, your light within.

Journal prompts are an invitation to explore the hidden parts of you. You will be guided to question, reflect and investigate parts that might otherwise not be reached.

Writing from our hearts in response to prompts can bypass our busy minds and overactive thoughts. It’s a truly magical way to connect to the deepest parts of you.

self love journal prompts 1

The journal prompts will mostly use ‘I’ instead of ‘you’, as in my experience, this deepens the resonance when reading them.

The prompts are of course just a guide, and can be rephrased and reworked to suit you. I’m a big believer in finding what works for you.


Each month you will receive a Spotify playlist centred around The Journal Circle theme.

These are created from my heart to yours, with the intention of gently holding you, while you hold space for yourself. 

Do expect a lot of Beautiful Chorus ( who doesn’t adore swimming in their exquisite harmonies?!) and an abundance of other heart-centered artists.


journal prompts

Each month you are invited to attend an online full moon circle, with other members of The Journal Circle (and also The Soul Library).

This will foster a deep sense of support and trust within an intimate, loving community.

The format each month will vary, but will include a lovingly crafted combination of meditation, creative activities, journaling and sharing.

You will be free to participate as actively or as passively as you are comfortable with.

Any questions at all, please feel free to ask!

Drop me an email at or find me on Instagram or Facebook.

Can’t wait to hear from you! All my love, 

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Since announcing my brand new membership for THE SOUL LIBRARY  I’ve received a few questions about it. 

This post covers how long each session is and how often it’s held, why it’s weekly, what kind of books we read, and the group guidelines.


We meet once a week for 1.5 hrs.


Growth & healing require commitment – deep, long-lasting commitment to oneself. Being part of a weekly circle is a loving, gentle reminder to stay on this path.

I adore one-off sessions & monthly circles, but in my experience, they are not sufficient to bring about lasting change. I might experience connection, internal shifts and profound insights, but without sustained daily practise, regular reminders and consistent support, I would not be able to implement change.

self healers community

When trying to change old patterns & deeply ingrained habits that no longer serve us, it is often only through the consistent repetition of new behaviours that make this possible. Doing this in community can make the whole process feel more digestible, manageable and tangible. 

Our old neural pathways are deeply entrenched and never disappear completely – we need to create new ones. Establishing a new indelible imprint requires perseverance and a tender tenacity, which with the regular support of a group, becomes a much softer, more manageable practise.

Our healing and inner work is endless, which can sometimes feel intimidating and self-defeating. We don’t tend to reach a plateau of perfection.

By regularly ‘doing the work’ in an intimate community, we are gifted a deeply nurturing, nourishing flotation device whilst we do it.

sisterhood circle

Please know there is NO obligation to attend weekly 💛

Many people choose to attend 2 or 3 times a month instead.

But the option is there, to attend every week. I will be there, holding space and available for you.


Yes, on Zoom. So the circle is open internationally! 

We will find a day & time to suit all time zones – currently looking at a start time of 5-7pm Monday-Saturday.


All our books fall under the spiritual/ self-development genre. Each one is selected by the group from a poll.

In my current group, we have read/ are reading:

 • Women who Run with the Wolves – Clarissa Estes

 • The Body Keeps the ScoreBessel van Der Kolk

 • The Inner Child Workbook – Cathryn L Taylor

 • The Wisdom of Anxiety – Sheryl Paul

 • A Return to LoveMarianne Williamson

spiritual book club


We have some very gentle guidelines that ensure that whilst the conversation is flowing, everybody feels safe, is heard equally, and feels they can share without being judged.

• When someone is sharing, please allow them the space to do so and refrain from interrupting.

• After someone has shared, please refrain from offering advice. Our ‘MO’ for sharing is to share our experiences, never to offer opinion or advice (unless specifically asked for)

• Please be mindful of the length of time you share. Everyone should have the same opportunity to share.

These gentle guidelines really create a safe, intimate space where everyone can feel comfortable.


Membership of THE SOUL LIBRARY is priced at £21.50/ month.

Or a combined membership of THE SOUL LIBRARY & THE JOURNAL CIRCLE is £25.50/month.

I don’t want money to be an obstacle. If any of my offerings resonate with your heart and you’d love to join but money isn’t flowing right now, please message me and we’ll work something out based on what you can afford. I’d love to welcome you, and I know what it’s like to have a low income/ live below the poverty line.

Any questions at all, please just ask! Drop me an email here.

I’m so looking forward to welcoming you,

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At the end of this year, I will be introducing THE SOUL LIBRARY – weekly healing circles where we journey through soul-nourishing, spiritual books together.

Our aim is not to ‘fix’ ourselves, but to make peace with the ebbs and flows of growth, of life and transitions, of being human.

In a world that seems saturated with courses and workshops that promise to fix you in a matter of hours or weeks, this circle acknowledges that the commitment to our growth and inner work is endless. We come together in circle to honour and hold space for ourselves and each other.

Livi olivia healing circle ad poster ps soul library

 • We meet once a week in a deeply nourishing, safe and loving (virtual) space, to discuss spiritual & self-development literature.

 • We read beautiful books* at a very gentle pace, sharing with each other our experiences and insights about what we’ve read each week.

 • We explore and discuss spiritual ideas, concepts and practical exercises.

 • You will be given the opportunity to share openly and freely in an attentive, non-judgmental environment.

 • You will be listened to, supported and held unconditionally.

*(We select the books as a group – each of which fall under the spirituality and self-development genre.)

quote 1 mahsuda blog crop

This is a community where our stories no longer have to be swallowed, they can be shared.

We show up as our glorious, shining, authentic, wounded, imperfect selves and come together to form a truly unique healing circle.

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 • Day & time TBC – currently looking at Mondays 7pm GMT London time. (This could possibly change to accommodate more people if necessary.)

 • Limited to 8 spaces – this allows us to build trust and intimacy within the group.


This women’s healing circle could be for you if:

  • you feel alone in your personal development journey and yearn for support as you take steps to grow
  • you long for a community of like-minded individuals, also committed to their spiritual growth, but don’t know where to find them
  • you read spiritual/ self-development books already and wish you had people to discuss them with
  • you sometimes struggle to find the motivation to take the actions you know will help you
  • you crave gentle, non-coercive encouragement to stay focused on your personal growth
  • you like to read spiritual/ self-development books, but often skip past the exercises as you’ve no one else to inspire and energise you
  • you feel shy in groups of strangers/ sporadic healing circles & need familiarity and connection to share your vulnerable side
  • you belong to a 12 step fellowship and wish to read more spiritual literature to expand and deepen your existing practises
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This is a replica of a group I already run, but which is now at full capacity. It’s been such a beautiful experience for everyone involved so I felt drawn to creating a new one.

Here is what some of the current members of my womxn’s healing circle have to say about belonging to the group:

blog ash quote 1
blog ginny quote 2
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Membership of THE SOUL LIBRARY is priced at £25.50/ month and is available exclusively through my Patreon.

  • I will be creating a special tier for the group as soon as all 8 spots are filled. This entitles you to all the rewards of my other tiers, in addition to membership of the healing circle.
  • To secure your spot beforehand, a £10 deposit is required. There are only 8 spaces available. Please email me for details how to pay, or DM me on instagram. (Deposit refunded once Patreon subscription is made.)

Any questions at all, please just ask! Drop me an email here.

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