Alcohol Ink Workshops


Creating art with alcohol inks is a magical, mesmerising experience, one in which you can lose yourself completely. 
Watching the inks dance on the page is the very antithesis of precise, restrictive art & therefore serves as a beautiful & creative meditative practise. 
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By allowing the inks to work their magic and relinquishing one’s expectations, it is possible to create gorgeous, whimsical pieces. It is in the letting go that the magic happens – a true mirror for life. It is an exercise in the total release of one’s control.  

Fluid art perfectly embodies the ‘go with the flow’ ethos. It is a wonderful therapeutic tool for anyone with a tendency to resist life, anyone who struggles to relax. It has the power to silence even the loudest of minds. The rewards are often surprising and always magnificent.
*AI are toxic, so in order to ensure your safety, protective respirator masks and nitrile gloves will need to be worn. 
90 mins – £45pp (min 3 people, max 4)