Hand-drawn mandala on 7" vinyl

Mandala Workshops

The art of drawing mandalas is a beautifully intricate, almost hypnotic, meditative practise which can gently help to shut out both inside and outside noise. 
It seems to create order amidst chaos and transforms frustration into relaxation. Each seemingly random shape and loop comes together into an ordered, kaleidoscopic symmetry. 
Hand-drawn Mandalas on 12

This ancient art of drawing mandalas seamlessly weaves together creativity and relaxation, making it a truly unique and inspiring mindfulness practice. 

Hand- drawn mandala on 7
Upcycled vinyl records make perfect circular canvasses for mandalas.
Livi will prep the vinyl before your session, ready for you to design and paint your piece.  Pencils are used to draw the mandalas and Posca paint pens used to colour them in.

2 hrs 40 mins – £35pp (min 4 people, max 8) 
1 x 7″ mandala per person

Hand-drawn mandala on 7