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At the end of this year, I will be introducing THE SOUL LIBRARY – weekly healing circles where we journey through soul-nourishing, spiritual books together.

Our aim is not to ‘fix’ ourselves, but to make peace with the ebbs and flows of growth, of life and transitions, of being human.

In a world that seems saturated with courses and workshops that promise to fix you in a matter of hours or weeks, this circle acknowledges that the commitment to our growth and inner work is endless. We come together in circle to honour and hold space for ourselves and each other.

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 • We meet once a week in a deeply nourishing, safe and loving (virtual) space, to discuss spiritual & self-development literature.

 • We read beautiful books* at a very gentle pace, sharing with each other our experiences and insights about what we’ve read each week.

 • We explore and discuss spiritual ideas, concepts and practical exercises.

 • You will be given the opportunity to share openly and freely in an attentive, non-judgmental environment.

 • You will be listened to, supported and held unconditionally.

*(We select the books as a group – each of which fall under the spirituality and self-development genre.)

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This is a community where our stories no longer have to be swallowed, they can be shared.

We show up as our glorious, shining, authentic, wounded, imperfect selves and come together to form a truly unique healing circle.

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 • Day & time TBC – currently looking at Mondays 7pm GMT London time. (This could possibly change to accommodate more people if necessary.)

 • Limited to 8 spaces – this allows us to build trust and intimacy within the group.


This women’s healing circle could be for you if:

  • you feel alone in your personal development journey and yearn for support as you take steps to grow
  • you long for a community of like-minded individuals, also committed to their spiritual growth, but don’t know where to find them
  • you read spiritual/ self-development books already and wish you had people to discuss them with
  • you sometimes struggle to find the motivation to take the actions you know will help you
  • you crave gentle, non-coercive encouragement to stay focused on your personal growth
  • you like to read spiritual/ self-development books, but often skip past the exercises as you’ve no one else to inspire and energise you
  • you feel shy in groups of strangers/ sporadic healing circles & need familiarity and connection to share your vulnerable side
  • you belong to a 12 step fellowship and wish to read more spiritual literature to expand and deepen your existing practises
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This is a replica of a group I already run, but which is now at full capacity. It’s been such a beautiful experience for everyone involved so I felt drawn to creating a new one.

Here is what some of the current members of my womxn’s healing circle have to say about belonging to the group:

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Membership of THE SOUL LIBRARY is priced at £25.50/ month and is available exclusively through my Patreon.

  • I will be creating a special tier for the group as soon as all 8 spots are filled. This entitles you to all the rewards of my other tiers, in addition to membership of the healing circle.
  • To secure your spot beforehand, a £10 deposit is required. There are only 8 spaces available. Please email me for details how to pay, or DM me on instagram. (Deposit refunded once Patreon subscription is made.)

Any questions at all, please just ask! Drop me an email here.

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