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4pm UK | 11am EST

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CREATIVE IN QUARANTINE : Finding Inspiration in Isolation

creative in quarantine

Perhaps one ‘good’ thing to come out of this situation is the inevitable side effect of having to face ourselves and some of our fears. I had been busy constructing my new reality of in-person workshops, in-person connection, in-person meet ups. Redirecting my life and my business OFF line was my primary intention and so to be ‘forced’ so suddenly into a mass exodus ON line was a fairly undesirable outcome for me.

What this has meant however, is that I’ve had to face my fear of video! I have never been a fan of video calls and never been brave enough to talk to the camera on social media. I’m not a fan of my face close up and like many people, the sound of my own voice is just WEIRD to me and makes me feel deeply uncomfortable.

Migrating all my meetings onto zoom has meant confronting all these insecurities and encouraged me to embrace a new reality. Miraculously, I am slowly starting to feel braver and bolder and less afraid of my own face! So much so that I unhesitatingly said a big YES when I was asked to be ‘guest artist’ in a New York based zoom meet up for creatives. 

It’s called Creative in Quarantine: Finding Inspiration in Isolation – an open meet up of creatives who are trying to stay creative or explore their creativity during this time. I will be interviewed by host Tricia Patrick and will be sharing some of the challenges I’ve faced during lockdown as an artist, what I’ve accomplished and how I’m taking care of myself and finding inspiration.

It’s free to join and open to all. Click here to register for free.

Wish me luck!